Saturday, 8 April 2017

"The Other End" of Shipley Park

One bright evening earlier this week we headed out to Shipley Park - but to what I think of as 'the other end'. I'm not sure which car park is actually nearest to us; one involves a shorter but twisty, turning route on smallish roads to Mapperley village; the other is longer but on quicker 'A' roads to the visitor centre at Heanor. We mostly go to Mapperley which has more of a countryside feel, and is nearer to the site of the old hall; this time we went to the Heanor entrance, for a different walk.

First we headed down to Osborne's Pond (sometimes I've been lucky enough to spot grebes there but not this time, though we did spot swans nesting in the reeds)

then uphill across fields reclaimed after opencast mining, 

following a blackthorn hedge in full flower, back to the 'trim track' - a marked route with various pieces of exercise equipment along its length (yes, we tried some of it, though there were other things we couldn't figure how to work at all)

 Despite being surrounded by towns and busy roads, Shipley is remarkably tranquil; one of those places that seem cut off from everyday bustle. It wasn't a long walk but a nice one,and it made a change to visit the 'other' end of the park.

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