Sixty Things for Sixty Years

As I shall be very old this year, I've decided not to mourn the passing of time but turn the whole year into a celebration, by attempting to experience sixty (yes, that's how old I'll be) new things.

You can read more about my plans and reasoning in this blog post

And I'll add my adventures below as the year progresses

1) Making spaghetti carbonara - easier than I expected, and looks like becoming a firm favourite.Why didn't I try to cook it sooner??

2) New gig venue - Sitwell Tavern, Derby
3) New festival - DPP Festival
4) & 5) See new bands - Hitfaced, The Covasettes, - my daughter claims these four should just count as one new thing but for now I'm allowing myself to be generous

5) Nottingham Rooftops

6) Dominos Pizza - It's hard to believe it but I've never had home delivery pizza before! We had cookies as well :)

7) Tapas including the promised (threatened?) squid - love the tapas concept, didn't like the squid (though it was beautifully presented)!

8) Rescue Rooms acoustic session, watching Joe McCorriston - ok, I've been in the Rescue Rooms bar before but only after gigs in the other room, never on the acoustic Monday evenings to listen to music.

9) Chicken in Plum Sauce - I normally stick to tried and trusted (and very delicious) Szechuan chicken when ordering Chinese takeaway, so here I am stepping outside my comfort zone

10) lunch at a Harvester - again, I've led a sheltered life, and never encountered their HUGE sundaes before

11) Trip to Holme Pierrepont Hall to see snowdrops

with the disruption caused by snow and my parents' health problems March didn't really happen, but I did get my first Mother's Day card from my grandson

12) Going to gigs without a daughter-shaped safety net. A surprise as I didn't expect to be so taken aback going to a gig without her along

13/14/15) New artists = Ben Marwood, She Makes War, and Helen Chambers

To look forward to - I've actually booked my first AirBnB stay.

                               - a new festival; Timber, held in the National Forest, and focusing on things tree-related

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